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A Glance into the Mobile and Upcoming Trends in 2016

With 2016 came new trends and forecasts for all segments of the industry. The same goes with the E-commerce trend in the year 2016. And surprisingly, as far as forecast is considered for e-Commerce trends the year sounds to be good. The optimism is consequential to the fact that there have been several evolutionary trends in different areas that are not only covering but also reaching towards the growth like never before. Ecommerce Solutions have become the need of the hour for businesses that want to make big on the web space. As a matter of fact, ecommerce has adapted itself greatly according to taste and preference of the consumers.

2016 will be better than 2015. It is the year of convergence where the blend of personalization and mobile will be combined for creating the alluring platform. So, here is the look at the trends that will be prevalent in 2016. 

Trend 1! - Targeting customers’ as accurately as possible has always been the dream of the marketer. There is no denying that internet has emerged as one unique platform that allows businesses to target the mass market. However, until recently, it was not able to render the granularity that is required for targeting customers on the basis social as well as individual preference.
Now is the time for real marketing where actions at one portable can be shared across several other portals with an objective to render better and improved one to one customer experience. With the appropriate infrastructure and intricate algorithms already being introduced, customers can have better browsing experience.

Another prime component of this element is that the customer is being targeted individually so retaining them is a matter of concern. Customer loyalty is no more restrained to big brands. It is there with E-commerce websites too.

Trend 2! - The upcoming of smartphones have brought a revolution in the way businesses were conducted until a few years back. Smartphones are not only limited to Apple. LG, Samsung, HTC and Sony have challenged the Apple. Therefore, the picture is completely different from what it was a few years back. 

Two things that seriously count here are – one, there is a wide availability of relatively inexpensive data plans that allows easy connect. Second, with web portal undergoing major redesign change, it is not only important to get E-Commerce Website Design accordingly but is ESSENTIAL.  This, in turn, lets you stay connected to the customers that are spread across the globe. Also, the advent of tablets has increased to this usage.

Are you wondering what the meaning of this is? Have a look at the free apps in Android? There are banners advertising on the basis of different parameters. 2016 is leading towards a new age technology and marketing trends that are yet to be explored.

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