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Fully Optimized Landing Pages – Key To Gain Conversions

Can you imagine seeing your website on top of the SERPs minus fully optimized and attractive landing pages? It is just like fishing without hook. If you are having an online business for quite some time now then you might be well aware that getting ranking is not easy, it is the generation of lead and conversions that play a vital role. Is it right that RFQ form published on your website has not got a click for a long time even if visitor visits your website? It is only when your website starts generating sales that you can make the difference. It is an essential website element that turns the visit into conversion. Landing Pages for Better Conversions is the key and should top the list of your things.

The idea of skipping fully optimized landing pages is not a flaw but an act of foolishness. Check out some of the latest facts issued by Marketing to gain a better understanding regarding the significance of landing pages.

  • Online businesses having more than 40 landing pages have the high possibility of receiving 12 times more leads in comparison to companies having less than 5 landing pages
  • It has been found that approximately 68 percent of the website owners choose landing pages for conversions and sales.
  • Near about 52 percent of the website owners that use landing pages make an effort for testing them.
  • Another shocking fact – 44 percent of the clicks are redirected towards home page. However it should be directed towards landing page.

There are two forms of landing pages:

  • Click using landing pages – Although this is widely used for ecommerce portal, it persuades the visitors so that click through varied pages.
  • Lead Generation Pages - This page is crafted especially to grab data of user such as email address and name. This, in turn, will help you in following up the customers. There are different types of landing pages that a website can have - professional services consultation, registration, free trials, main RFQ form and discount vouchers.
  • Now read on to find out about some of the best and highly effective tips for designing landing pages.

  • Design simple landing page with minimum texts
  • Twitter as well as Facebook buttons allow visitors share landing pages
  • Make sure that you have clear action plan in mind. Design landing pages with a motto to attract the customer.
  • Judicious usage of images is fundamental
  • A well-written and catchy headline can lead to great conversions.
  • Right usage of keywords at the right place can make a lot of difference. Ensure that keywords are used in texts, headers and footers.
  • Conversion or capture forms should be well-planned before execution because they are in high demand.

When you choose to hire experienced Web Design India Company you can be assured to get the right services at pocket friendly rates. We, at Webaloons, strive to design landing pages that are attuned according to your business needs.

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