Website Maintenance Services

Website Maintenance

In this epoch of deep antagonism, regularly updating and maintaining your website is essential to stay at the forefront. To meet this stipulate, website maintenance is the best elucidation which can allow you to reinforce your online presence. A regular up-gradation of the site is crucial to keep the interest of the visitors alive. If the content of your website stays unchanged for a long time, the guest will stop coming on your site. But some people often tend to take it as a very expensive thing to perform. Website maintenance includes points like updating and upgrading the existing content on the WebPages, links to products, enhancing product images, product details according to the latest trend in the market, the outlook of the website, all other things.

At this point of time, you need not worry as Webaloons is available to solve all your problems regarding site maintenance. We have in offering best-customized packages for our clients depending on their needs. We offer our services on hourly, days-basis; weekly basis, as well as the monthly basis and these customized packages, are cheaply available. Anytime you feel like you need to revamp your website content and design, don't hesitate to contact us and assure that we will provide only the best website maintenance services.

Following are the maintenance services that we provide in the website maintenance package.

Keeping your website updated: in this point, as an experienced web design India Company, we cover content editing which we do use up-to-date information prevailing in the market. We can include special offers, product changes, pricing changes, an announcement of new good and services, employment information changes and other features and news that keep the viewers entertain.

Maintaining and managing your site: using all the latest technologies available in the market, we can keep an eye on your website and perform the necessary changes which are required to improve your site’s performance regarding faster download and improved processing speed. We ensure that new innovative features are implemented from time to time.

Security and protection of the site: regarding securing and protecting your website through regular website maintenance services, we can manage ASP, PHP, and Perl codes for all sorts of applications. A site owner must understand that a server side programming used for form processing, database management, search and display, shopping carts, etc. requires regular up-gradation.

We can use the website’s access statistics like how many visitors, the site has, what is the visitor’s primary search keyword, which the users more often navigate a page and assist you in restructuring the content of your website and navigation elements to make your site look more delightful and handy.

Following is the detailed list of website maintenance services that we specialize in providing to our clients.

  • Modification and addition of website content
  • Unlimited text and content updates
  • Addition of new sections on the website
  • Addition of new pages on the website
  • Image manipulation and addition (client-supplied images)
  • Shopping cart product updates
  • Management of submission forms and other interactive features on the site.
  • Addition of submission forms and other interactive features on the site
  • Update announcements, articles etc.
  • Replace images -- pictures and graphics
  • Adding/removing pages
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